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We will take you through the setup of a Live Shopping Campaign from A to Z.

Last updated: March 2024
Applies to: Pro, Basic and Business subscriptions
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Read on to learn how to set up a live shopping show with Sprii. It's quick and easy, and you'll get a simple step-by-step guide here.


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How to set up a live shopping campaign

Other types of campaigns

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How to set up a live shopping campaign

To host a live shopping event on Facebook with Sprii, you need to create a campaign in Sprii and create an event on Facebook. It's super simple and we'll guide you step-by-step

Go to app.sprii.io and click New campaign and then click Live sale.


The first step is timing. Here you'll determine when you will go live, how long it will approximately be, and the order deadline. 

When will you go live?: You should have a specific time that you plan to go live. If you have made a Facebook event, this should be the same time. This makes it possible for Sprii to connect the live to our system automatically.

How long will you be live?: This is just an estimate of how long your live will be, it does not need to be precise. 

Order deadline: How long should your customers be able to place an order while watching your live stream? The standard duration is 48 hours after your livestream has ended. However, if you have special offers or want to create a sense of urgency for your customers, you could reduce the time available for purchasing.


Now we need to determine which products you want to have one your live campaign. Therefore we start with adding them. If you have a webshop integration, simply search for the product and add it. If you don't and use Sprii checkout you need to add the product manually by adding a "New campaign product".

After adding the products, you need to include searchwords. You can let Sprii automatically add numbers or letters by clicking the "Searchwords" button.

You can also manually add custom search words for each product if you want a special word as the searchword instead of number and letter codes.


If you have the business subscription, you can take advantage of the gamification module. Here you can create a competition to increase engagement, keep track of who has participated, and draw the winners automatically. 
Check out our gamification guide here: Sprii gamification


Your template answers are already in here, so you don't need to make any updates here. If you are hosting a unique live event that requires customized replies to match the theme of the show, feel free to edit the responses. Editing the replies for a single campaign will not impact your default reply template.


Under channels you can connect an already existing post from social media, say a live reminder post for example. Danish users can also choose to create an event here to be showcased on Sprii Marketplace. 

Streaming (Business only)

In the Streaming settings of the campaign, you have the flexibility to include or exclude streaming destinations. Additionally, you can opt to add a custom destination if you wish to broadcast the show to platforms beyond Facebook and Instagram.
If the Instagram destination is not appearing, ensure that you have enabled RTMP.IN in the Sprii plugins and that your Instagram account is connected to your Facebook page.


The Setup settings include multiple general settings for the live campaign. This includes the default Purchase word which is normally shop but can be edited in here if you want a different word.
The other options are the following

  • Customize reminder message
    • Customize the Live reminder message for this specific campaign if the default message doesn't suit your live event.
  • "Like" Reservations
    • When enabled reservation comments will automatically get liked by your Facebook page.
  • Allow product quantity
    • Enable this setting if your products is likely to be bought in quantity. It is important that none of your search words or product variants include numbers if this setting is enabled.
  • Use Webshop integration (Only users with webshop integration)
    • This option is turned on by default. Only disable it if you intend to utilize the Sprii checkout system and understand how it functions.
  • Hide currency on product signs
    • Removes the currency symbol on the paper signs.
  • Message inbox campaign
    • if enabled customers will be able to order through Messenger and Instagram Direct messages. It's important to enable if you are using Instagram Stories.


Other types of campaigns

Additional campaign types are also offered, including Prerecorded live, video post, Image post, and clips. For detailed information on the specific settings for these campaign types, refer to the respective guides below.