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Live shopping with prerecorded videos

Make live shopping fit your schedule! Film your video whenever it suits you and broadcast it at your convenience with prerecorded lives.

Last updated: January 2024
Applies to: All Sprii users
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Easily broadcast from anywhere at any time using our prerecorded live feature. This allows you to go live with a prerecorded video instead of being in front of the camera during the actual live session, a perfect tool to make live shopping fit your schedule.


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What does it mean to go live with a prerecorded video?

How to go live with a prerecorded video?

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What does it mean to go live with a prerecorded video?

Going live with a prerecorded video allows you to enjoy the benefits of a live show while having the flexibility to film it at your convenience. Your audience will see it as a regular live show, and they won't even know that you're not actually in front of the camera during the stream unless you disclose it. It's a perfect tool to make live shopping fit into your busy schedule.

Important to note

With our Business subscription, you can stream prerecorded live videos to both Instagram and Facebook. Other subscriptions only allow streaming to Facebook.

How to go live with a prerecorded video?

Step 1

First off you want to set the timing for your campaign. During this step, you'll follow the same process as you would for your regular live shopping campaigns. The time you set determines when the video will be broadcasted to your page, where it'll look like you're live for the viewers.

The broadcast starts automatically at the set time, without any need to start it manually. 

Step 2

Add products to your campaign before filming your video to ensure that the search terms defined in Sprii match those communicated in the video. This process is the same as for a regular live shopping campaign.

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If applicable, you should also print your product signs once all the products are uploaded and search words are added so that you can showcase them in your video.

Step 3

Now it's time to film and upload your video. You can film your video straight on your phone, and we recommend filming on the following settings: HD & 30 fps.

When recording your live session in advance, imagine that you are hosting a regular live stream. Remember that you won't have the opportunity to answer questions verbally, so be sure to provide detailed descriptions of each product. After filming, you can upload the video by navigating to the 'video' tab and selecting 'add a video to your campaign'.
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Please upload your video in Sprii at least half a day in advance to allow time for your video to convert to the right format for streaming.

Step 4

When you upload your video, you'll be able to track its progress. Once the upload phase reaches 100% completion, it'll automatically begin the conversion process.

The video is ready to go when the 'converting' box in the left corner of the video field turns into a green box that says 'valid'.

It's important to keep an eye on the video's status to ensure that it's valid in time for your live stream.

Important to note

If you upload the video from your phone, it's important to wait until the initial loading stage reaches 100% before performing any other tasks on your phone. If you leave the page during the initial loading the upload will stop.

Step 5

Applies to: Business users only

If you use digital overlays, you should now edit the product timing to ensure your overlays are playing when you want them to. Enter 'edit product timing' and choose a start and end time for your products.

Now you can sit back and wait, as the live will automatically stream at the set timing.