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Turn your regular social media posts into revenue streams with Sprii by making your posts shoppable. It's perfect to do in between live shopping events.

Last updated: February 2024
Applies to: All Sprii users
Category: Get started

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Read on to learn how to create an image post campaign in Sprii step by step. Also, learn how to make an already existing social media post shoppable.


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How to create an image post campaign

Connect existing post

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How to create an image post campaign

In this video, Marc will show you that it's possible to create an image post campaign in less than 40 seconds. Impressive! To read the step-by-step guide, look below the video.

Step 1

Start by creating a new campaign, and pick the option 'image post'

Step 2

Add your product(s). This step works the exact same way as if you were doing a live shopping campaign. If you use a webshop integration you will choose 'product from catalogue' and if not, pick 'new campaign product'. 


We don't recommend using a lot of products for an image post, one product is enough. This makes it easier for your followers to know what and how to buy your product. If you do choose to use more than one product, remember to add search terms.

Step 3

Fill in your content. Now you should add some nice pictures to post along with a good and explanatory caption. 

It's possible to upload pictures from your computer or use the product image from your webshop.

We recommend using images that are appealing and preferably with people on them. You can also add product images with a white background, so that the customer can really see the product. But keep in mind that the more personal your post can be, the better it will perform.

Next it's time to a caption, where you clearly explain the product(s) and how people can buy the product.

Step 4

Decide what platforms you want to post the campaign to under the 'setup' tab

In the image example above the post will only be published on Facebook. Simply tick the boxes for the platforms you want to use. 

Step 5

In the setup tab, you can choose to send out your live reminder message to your subscribers as you publish your image or video post campaign. Also, you have the option to customize the live reminder message for that specific campaign.

In the setup tab, check the box "Send reminder on publish" to automatically send out live reminder messages. Click "Customize message..." and write your message if you want to customize it for this specific campaign.

Step 6

Time to post the campaign! You can either post it now, or schedule it for later.

You should also define order deadline, how long people will be able to buy from the post. After the deadline set passes customers won't be able to buy the product from this post anymore.

Important to note

A scheduled post may take 20 min from scheduled time to be seen on social media.

Done! You're post is now ready to receive orders.


Connect existing post

If you posted something directly on your socials instead of building it in Sprii, you can connect it afterwards. You can do this under the tab 'publish'. 

Here you can scroll down to where it says "Connect to existing posts"

You press 'add post' for the platform you posted on, and add it from there. It is now connected to Sprii and shoppable (as long as you set up products in the campaign).