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  2. E-commerce: How to integrate and use with Sprii

Set up Shopify integration

Please note the following important information:

- It is essential to understand the distinction between checkout through Draft order and Shopping cart. For more details, please refer to the guide.

- When using the normal open cart (not draft order) for checkout, make sure that the products are active in Shopify.

- Product bundles are not supported.

- If the pricing on variants under the same product varies, please reach out to Sprii's support team to activate this feature.

Step 1

Navigate to the Page Settings and locate the e-commerce Integration section. Click on Shopify to proceed.

Step 2

Fill in your Shopify URL: yourdomain.myshopify.com

If you know how to find your domain, just complete step 2 above, and skip direct to step 3.

If not, this is how to identify your Shopify Domain:

Go into your Shopify account and click Settings in the buttom left corner.

Then you can see you Shopify URL under your name, as shown here below:

Step 3

Press the Install App button

Step 4

Press the Continue setup button
Step 5
You will be redirected to your Shopify Store. Simply click on the Install app button to proceed.
Step 6
You will be redirected to Sprii. Click on the "Check bulk status" button.

Step 7

Press the Start full product import button in order to sync all your Shopify Products to Sprii (It may take 1-2 minutes before the import is ready)

Step 8

Almost there - you will now have to decide what type of checkout you want to use.

There are 2 options:

Shopping Cart

This option allows customers to access an editable cart on your webshop. They have the freedom to add or remove products just like regular checkouts. With this selection, the prices are synchronized and remain consistent with those on your website. Special discounts can be provided exclusively through codes in direct message (DM) with a link to the checkout.

Draft Order

This option directs customers to a secure cart that is tailored to their specific order. Customers cannot add or remove items directly on your website, but they have the ability to remove a product using the button in Messenger. This option provides the flexibility to override webshop prices, allowing you to offer an extra discount on your regular shop's prices.

Shipping rules and draft orders

Please ensure that you review your shipping rules for draft orders, as the limits on free shipping may be determined based on the standard product prices and may not take into account any possible discounted prices offered in draft orders.