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Set up WooCommerce integration

Seamlessly integrate your exisisting webshop with Sprii to streamline your work.

Last updated: March 2024
Applies to:
WooCommerce users
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When you activate the WooCommerce integration, all the products from your webshop will automatically be imported to Sprii for easy campaign management. Your customers  will shop via your campaigns but checkout on your webshop just like any other regular customer.


Table of contents

Important to note

Integrate WooCommerce with Sprii

Set up and adjust variants after synchronizing

Set up campaigns in Sprii with your WooCommerce integration

Campaign products

Order list status



Important to note

  • Active WooCommerce discounts will be added on top of custom prices set in Sprii.
  • Custom pricing has errors on products with collection discounts.
  • If pricing on variants under same product varies, then ask Sprii support to activate this feature.
  • Products has to be active on the webshop

Integrate WooCommerce with Sprii

Step 1

Go to your WooCommerce backend and under 'WooCommerce' in the left-hand menu go to Settings -> Advanced -> Rest API

Step 2

Create a new REST API key by providing a description and granting it Read/Write permissions.

Step 3

The next step is to navigate to the Page settings in Sprii and access the E-commerce integrations. From there, you will be able to easily configure the WooCommerce integration.

You will need to enter the URL of your webshop and then copy the Consumer key and Consumer secret that you received when creating the REST API key in the previous step.

You have the option to deselect the "Use default checkout page" box if you wish to direct the customer to a different page instead of the checkout. After unchecking the box, a new input field will appear, allowing you to input the desired page path for redirection.

Step 4

To complete the integration, you will need to download and install the Sprii plugin in your WooCommerce backend.

Step 5

The last step is to run a full product syncronization to import all the products from your webshop. This is done from the WooCommerce integration in Sprii by clicking the button "Run full product sync".

Set up and adjust variants after synchronizing

Once products start synchronizing with Sprii their variants will be named as on your website. And the variant search word will be the same as the variant name.

It is recommended to ensure simple variant codes. This only has to be done once in the beginning and then again if new variants are introduced.

Click here to learn more about it.

Set up campaigns with your Woocommerce integration

Guides to campaign creation can be found here:

Campaign products

When setting up a campaign, ensure all products are imported from the catalog. Adding a custom campaign product not existing in WooCommerce will cause errors for customers.

Order list status

Orders in the order list will exclusively appear in one of two states: 'New' or 'Completed'. An order will maintain the 'New' status until payment is completed on the integrated webshop. If payment for the order is not finalized, it will continue to be categorized as 'New'.