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Understand your page settings

These are all your general settings, and understanding them will help you shape Sprii to your needs.

Last updated: March 2024
Applies to: All Sprii users
Category: Get started

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Here you will be able to learn more about your page settings and what they mean. Taking the time to learn more about your page settings will help you understand how your account and make you ready to use Sprii.


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How to use this guide

Your business page settings



How to use this guide

This guide will walk you through all your page settings to help you understand your setup a bit better. Although it may seem overwhelming at first, with a lot of information, it's good to read it bit-by-bit to ensure you understand the basics behind your live shopping! Read on to learn more about your setup and how you can make adjustments.

Your business page settings

You can navigate to your page settings on the left-hand side menu once logged in to Sprii, and here you will find all the information about how your account is set up. 

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Campaign defaults

Here you can set your purchase word for all future campaigns, meaning the trigger word customers need to use to initiate a purchase. 

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Checkout / after sale

This tab in page settings is important for users who use the Sprii checkout.

Allow "delete product" from cart
Sprii Checkout users can enable the 'delete product from cart' option, allowing customers to remove items during the checkout. If not enabled, customers will have to remove products from the cart through the reservation message received in private messages. 

Delete reservation if comment is deleted
If this function is turned on, customers who have made a reservation comment can delete that reservation by deleting their comment.

Send confirmation message on payment 
Only with the Sprii Checkout.
This feature will send a confirmation out to the customer for their order when it is marked as paid in Sprii.

Close cart after payment
With this on, no new products can be added to the same cart once a payment is made and a new order/new payment will have to be made for further purchase. 

Important to note

The close cart feature won't work for users that use Sprii checkout & have "Payment Instructions" as their payment method since we can't track that the payment has been made. The cart will be closed once the order has been manually marked as paid.

Free Shipping on 2nd order to same campaign
Only with the Sprii Checkout.
You may want to offer your customers the convenience of placing additional orders on your campaigns without having to pay extra shipping fees. Especially if you experience many waitlist orders. 


You may want to delay shipping orders until after the campaign deadline with this feature activated.


Product attributes

In this section, you can activate the missing attributes feature and edit variant search words.

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With the missing attributes feature on, your customers will get a private message about what color, size, or other variant they want the product in, in case they forget to write it in their reservation comment. 

Read more about the missing attributes feature here.

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You can also add, delete, and edit variants here. Editing the search words for your variants can be an important tool to make it easier for your viewers and customers to place an order. 

Read more about how to edit variants here.

Reply templates

In this section, users can design default replies that will be used in all future campaigns. You can set up the replies that are being sent out for reservations, sold-out products, orders placed after the campaign deadline, etc.

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E-commerce integration

If you have a webshop that Sprii integrates with, you can set it up here, so that products and stock will sync automatically, and customers will go through the checkout process through your webshop. 

set up your account (8)See all guides for webshop integrations here

Payment methods

In this section, users who don't integrate with a webshop, but use the Sprii checkout, can add a payment method. This is crucial to ensure your customers can and know how to pay for their orders. You can integrate with a payment system, or use manual payment instructions such as mobile transfer. 

Read more about the different payment methods here.


In this section, users can add a shipping method. This has to be done in case you're using the Sprii checkout. If you have a webshop integration, there's no need to do anything here unless you need to use the Sprii Checkout for a specific campaign. 

Read more about the different payment methods here.


Sprii offers a wide range of plugins that can be used to increase your performance during the live shows. It's possible to activate these featured while being live.

Learn more about the plugins and how to use them.

Contact information

This section is automatically updated and filled in when you initially create your account and start using Sprii. 


This section presents to you the current subscription active for the page.


Understand your billing and transaction costs.

User management

In this section, you can create an invite token to be used by a colleague or partner to gain access to your Sprii account.

Click here to learn how to share access to your Sprii account.


The language selected here defines the language of all text templates and the Sprii checkout if you use that. In other words: Page language relates to all that if customer-facing presented by Sprii. In your user settings (in the top right corner in app.sprii.io), you can set the language that only you will see while navigating Sprii.