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How to share access to Sprii

Grant access to your Sprii page to your colleague or partner without granting them admin privileges on the Facebook page.

Last updated: February 2024
Applies to: All Sprii users
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Learn how to give your colleagues access to your Sprii page. Giving access to your Sprii page using the token eliminates the need to alter the admin roles on your Facebook page.


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How to share access to Sprii

Email template to new users

Email template to existing users

New user
Existing user



How to share access to Sprii

Step 1

To grant access to a specific page on Sprii, navigate to the page settings and click on "User management". From there, you can generate a new token that can be shared with others to provide them with access to the desired page.


Important to note

Enter the user's name in the designated text field, rather than their email address.

Step 2

Copy the newly generated token and utilize one of the provided email templates to share the token and relevant information with your colleague or partner.

Email to new users

"Hi [insert user's name]

To access our Sprii page, simply use the provided token: [Insert token].

To get started, you'll need to create an account at app.sprii.io. Once you've created your account, select "Connect with Token invitation" and enter the token in the designated field.

If you encounter any difficulties, please refer to the guide available here.: help.sprii.io/how-to-share-access-to-sprii"

Email to existing users

"Hi [insert user's name]

You can access our Sprii page with this token: [Insert token]

Click on your profile picture in the top right and go to the settings. Afterwards open "Accounts" and enter the token in the designated field. The page should now appear in the pages overview.

If you run into any issues please see the guide here: help.sprii.io/how-to-share-access-to-sprii"


How new users activates the token

If the receiver of the token doesn't have an existing user, he/she must create a new Sprii user at app.sprii.io. Once the account has been created the option "Connect with Token invitation" must be selected and the token can be inserted in the field.

How existing user activates the token

If an existing user wants to connect a new page with a received token the person must go to the settings and in the Accounts settings paste the token in the field at the bottom of the page.
After activating the token, the new page will automatically be added to your account. You can then easily select it from the overview to use.