1. FAQ & guides

Going live with an influencer

With Sprii you can go live with an Influencer to boost your viewers, revenue and brand awareness.

Create your Live sale campaign as you normally would:

Next, the influencer or collaborator should create a Sprii account and connect it to their Facebook account. If the influencer is going live on Instagram, they must follow the steps outlined in our Instagram guide to ensure a successful livestream: https://help.sprii.io/how-to-setup-instagram-live

The influencer can grant you access to their account by following this guide: https://help.sprii.io/how-to-share-access

The influencer or collaborator's account is now fully set up, and the remaining steps can be completed by you.
The next step is to copy your campaign to the influencer/collaborator's page and setting the campaign as the order receiver:

Congratulation! You have succesfully created a live campaign with an influencer as co-host🥳