1. Get started

Live shopping checklist

Pro tip: print this as a list to check of all the steps and ensure you've worked through the steps before/during/after your live

Days prior the live show

  • Create a Facebook event (Learn about best practices here.)
  • Promote the event through email, stories, website, and other possible channels 
  • Be active in the Facebook event's discussion page leading up to the live 
  • Set up live reminder campaign before the live to build your list of people getting notifications

Building the campaign

  • Timing and date is correct
  • Make sure Facebook and Instagram messaging is active
  • All products have a search word 
  • Signs are printed and paired with the products for easy access during live 
  • Reply settings are set correctly to either checkout or URL based on our need

After the live

  • Send payment reminder for unfinished orders
  • Send live reminder permissions 
  • After order deadline on _________ (date) all orders have been handled and all authorized payments have been captured