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Sprii Control Center

Thanks to Sprii's Control Center, you can easily manage your dynamic overlays, competitions, and questions from one place.

Last updated: January 2024
Applies to: Business subscription
Category: Customize your live stream

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Learn how you can use Sprii's Control Center before, during, and after your live shopping events to manage graphic overlays such as product signs and info boxes as well as gamification and questions from viewers - all from one centralized dashboard.


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What is the Sprii Control Center and what can I use it for?

Before show


Add questions to your before show

During your show

Dynamic product signs

Customizable info boxes


Manage comments and questions

After your show

Product recap

What is the Sprii Control Center and what can I use it for?

The Sprii Control Center is the cockpit for your live events. From here, you manage all overlays, start and stop your competitions, and answer questions from viewers.

In just 1 minute, Marc will show you how easy it is to use the Control Center:


Before Show

The "Before Show" screen is designed to allow you to start the video stream a few minutes prior to the actual start of your event. 

During your "before show" you can add different messages and questions as graphic overlays, so you can kickstart the conversation in the comment section and engage with your viewers. With our countdown, you can build excitement just before you start your fantastic show. 

It's possible to use our default before show overlay or design your own in the Studio Settings. 


You start and stop the "Before Show" by clicking this button:


The countdown will be counting down to the start time that you chose in your campaign settings.


It's important not to have a long before show. If viewers join the live and they can see on your countdown that it starts in 10 minutes, many viewers will leave before you start. Start your before show 2 minutes before the actual start of the event. 

Add questions to your before show

On social media, it's important to get as many comments as possible to please the algorithm. It will help you build a strong community and make sure that the live is pushed to more people and therefore potential buyers.

In the before show settings, you can add questions that viewers will enjoy reading and even answer. Here are some examples of questions to include in your before show:
  • Where are you watching from tonight? 😍
  • Comment "Live" to be notified when we are live 👍*
  • What products would you like to see tonight? 😎

Overlays to play during the show

During your live shopping event, there's a lot to manage and in this section we'll explain how to use product overlays, competitions, and info boxes, and how to manage comments and questions. 

Product overlays

The most important overlays to include during your live show is the product overlays. The product overlays make it easy for the hosts to present the products and they don't need to repeat the buy codes/search words over and over again, since the viewers can see it in the overlay.

The product overlay is also very helpful for the viewer, since it shows a lot of important information such as price, search word, and variants. This means that it's much easier for viewers to place orders.

The product overlays can be customized for your needs in the settings.


You can search for products and display the overlay again if viewers would like to see a specific product again.

Info boxes

Multiple info boxes can be prepared in the Studio settings and can be activated directly from the Control Center. Info boxes are a great way of communicating important information to the viewers, such as shipping costs, how to sign up to the live reminder, and much more.


Gamification is key to hosting a successful live shopping event and there are many reasons why you should utilize it:

  • It increases engagement.
  • It increases view time.
  • It makes your live show stand out in the crowd.

In the Control Center, it's possible to do the following in regard to your gamification overlays:

  • Open/close competitions
  • Draw winners
  • Play presentation graphic.


Always have a goal when creating a competition. Here are some good questions to ask yourself while creating and designing your competition:

  • Do I want to get as many comments as possible?
  • Do I want to increase view time?

This makes it easier for you to create the correct competition. We are here to help and give advice if you need it, just reach out to us.

Manage comments and questions

The power of live shopping lies in the interaction between the viewers and the hosts. It's super important to build this two-way-communication. Therefore, it's crucial to keep an eye on the comment section and answer the questions the viewers might have. 

Sprii has made this easy by showing questions from all channels that you stream to directly in the Control Center. Now, you can manage questions from one place, as you can reply directly from the Control Center.

Important to note

Questions are defined as comments that are not reservations and has 3 words or more.

There are 3 different ways of answering a comment:

  1. Answer vocally on the live.
  2. Answer with a comment reply.
  3. Answer with a private message.

Important to note

It's not possible to reply directly in the comment section on Instagram. Here, you can only answer in direct messages.


After Show

Just before you end your show, we recommend that you say thanks to everyone who joined your live show. Here are some other good ideas of what to say when you're about to end your show:

  • Say thank you.
  • Promote your live reminder.
  • Inform about the order deadline.
  • Tease your next event and remind about the time and date.

When this is done you can play your "after show" overlay. The after show overlay gives an easy overview of the products you presented during the live. This allows viewers to easily place their final orders.

We recommend that you let the after show run for 1-2 minutes or until all products have been presented at least once. After that, you can end your live shopping event. 

Important to note

Remember that you are still live when the after show is playing. So, make sure to mute your microphone.