Live reminder campaign

Live reminder is a powerful plugin that builds a list of customers who would like a notification every time you go live.

See how you set up the live reminder plugin HERE

You can gather subscribers for your live reminder list through any campaign. Make a short live video or image post, or a mix of both, asking people to write your invitation word. It's a good idea to promote this plugin and build a subscriber list in-between lives to get more people to follow along from the start of your lives! See how here: 
  1. Create a new campaign
    To begin, select a campaign of your preference and proceed.

  2. Content
    If you're doing an image- or video post you now need to upload your content in the campaign. Make sure that you clearly mention the invitation word that people need to write to sign up to the live reminder list in the caption (and verbally if you're doing a video/live). 

    Sample caption for a campaign where 'Live' is the invitation word: 
    "If you would like to get a notification every time we go live, then write "live" in the comment section and we will then send you an invitation in Messenger."

    Find your invitation word under page settings plugins live reminder
  3. Disable webshop integration for the campaign 
    If you have a webshop integrated with us we need to turn that integration of for this campaign, please do so by unticking the box 'use webshop integration' under 'setup'
  4. Go live / post your campaign 

    Now post the image and text to your Facebook and this should help build your list and get more people to watch your lives.

    You can also make a competition together with this post and say that you will announce the winner at your next live from everyone who signs up.

 When you go live as normal we will automatically listen to the comments for people writing the invitation word for the live reminder without any need for additional steps in the campaign

Please note that we cannot connect to a post made within an event on Facebook, except for the actual live. So please make sure that you make these posts outside of the event so people are able to sign up