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By using the Crossposting feature, you can easily broadcast a live video that was recorded on just one phone to the selected pages. If all the selected pages are connected to Sprii, Sprii will register the comments on all of them. This allows for eff


  • This feature is only available for customers on the new Basic or Business subscription since February 2023.
  • The Missing Attribute feature will not work on the child campaign.
  • The live reminder is page specific. Consequently, sign-ups on the sub-page will be to the sub-page if plugin has been setup.

First step is to create a live campain on either of the Sprii pages.

Once you have created your campaign on the main page in Sprii, you can easily copy it to other pages. To ensure that all orders are handled by the designated "order receiver," make sure to check the setting "Set current campaign (Crosspost) as order receiver for the copy." This way, all orders will be efficiently managed.

When going live on Facebook with multiple pages, Facebook has a smart feature called Crossposting. This is done by pressing the button with two arrows:


Congratulations! You now have the ability to live stream on multiple Facebook pages simultaneously. This exciting feature allows you to share your content with a wider audience and engage with your followers on different pages at the same time.