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Troubleshoot connecting to Facebook Messenger

If you're facing the frustrating problem of not receiving messages on Messenger, don't worry! Here is a guide on how to troubleshoot and resolve this problem.

Last updated: March 2024
Applies to: All Sprii users
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💡 Top takeaways

Once you have followed this guide, you should not encounter any further problems with messages on Messenger.


⚠️ Testing comments

Always make sure to make comments from another profile than the page itself. This can be your personal profile or another business profile.

Sprii will never react to comments from the page itself. 

Table of contents

Enabling messages on your Facebook page

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Enabling messages on your Facebook page

If customers are not receiving order messages on Messenger, one potential reason could be that messaging is not enabled on your Facebook page.

To resolve this issue, you can easily fix it by going to your Facebook page settings, then navigating to the privacy section. From there, select Messaging and toggle the messaging option to enable it.

Your customers should now be able to receive messages