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How to fix "Your token is invalid" error message

Quickly reconnect to Facebook if you get an error message in Sprii saying "Your token is invalid."

Last updated: February 2024
Applies to: All Sprii users
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If an error occurs with your connection to Facebook, a banner will appear in app.sprii.io. In order to reconnect to Facebook, follow the step below. It's super easy,


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Why do I get the error message: "Your token is invalid"?

How to fix the error



Why do I get the error message: "Your token is invalid"?

This error message might pop up if you have changed your password on Facebook or if we need to refresh the connection between our system and your Facebook page. 

The error message looks like this:

How to fix the error

Step 1

Refresh your Facebook page token by clicking the orange refresh button. If the banner is still visible, try refreshing your browser. If this didn't help, move on to step 2 just below.

Step 2

Reconnect Facebook by clicking the white button to connect to Facebook again. Follow the steps in Facebook. If the banner has not disappeared, try refreshing the browser again. If it's still there, move on to step 3 below.

Step 3

Renew the integration through Facebook. Go to your business integration settings on Facebook for the account that is signed up to Sprii. Click here to go straight to your business integrations settings in Facebook.

Here you can remove the business integration with Sprii by clicking the blue button.

Next, you're asked to confirm the removal. If a box appears, stating it will delete posts, videos, etc. associated with Sprii, please untick this box before confirming the removal of the integration.

After you completed the removal, go back to Sprii and complete step 2 again.


Now, your connection should be restored and the error message should disappear. If not, please call us and we will help you.