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Equipment for live shopping

Good lighting and sound are essential for a great live streaming experience. You can use your phone, but we recommend additional equipment.

Last updated: January 2024
Applies to: All Sprii users going live

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Ring light


Additional lighting

Extra gadgets

Do you need help with the setup?


Unless you invest in a major setup, the Smartphone is your camera and connection to your streaming destinations.

We recommend an iPhone that is no more than 5 years old if you'll be streaming by use of our Sprii Host App, but an Android device should also work just fine if you're streaming with native social media apps. 

Ring light

Ring lights are an effective way to achieve good lighting, and can be purchased from most electronics retail stores. However, if you're unsure, we recommend taking inspiration from our partner Let's Go Live.

See recommended product: NANLITE

Some ring lights come with a mount for two smartphones.When purchasing a ring light, consider this feature to accommodate multiple devices for your live streaming setup.

See recommended product.


Ensuring clear audio for your viewers is essential. While you may not need to purchase microphones before your first live session, you'll likely find that the viewer experience improves with a set of high-quality microphones. These can be found at most electronics retail stores. If you're uncertain about which to choose, we suggest drawing inspiration from our partner Let's Go Live. See the recommended product here.


Additional lighting

If the ring light is not enough, you should try these:

Read more about on our partner's webshop.

Extra gadgets

To make your live show more entertaining and engaging, you can use different hacks such as a countdown clock or confetti to celebrate winners.

See options with our partner:

- Confetti

- Countdown clock

Do you need full-service help with the setup?

The Live Shopping Agency called Let's Go Live is worth considering. Sprii and Let's Go Live have worked closely together since the beginning. If you're seeking a full Live Shopping service provider, they would be your best choice.

Read more here.