1. FAQ & guides

Anti-Spam guide

Certain EU directives govern how Sprii can be used and restrict certain behavior. In the following guide we intend to give you easy to understand guidelines to ensure compliance to the anti-spam regulations.

Live reminder 

Consumers must always have the option to unsubscribe from these messages. How to set this feature up correctly can be found here

Reply settings 

When you make your campaign, you have the option to adjust the automatic replies. For example, when a product is sold out, an automatic reply will be sent. You may not communicate about other products in this message – make sure this reply does not contain anything other than the respective product or very similar products. 

Automated spam detection by social media may flag continued use of the same comment reply. Therefore it is recommended to set up 10 variations of comment replies to both reservation and sold-out scenarios.

With high engagement rates, we recommend disabling comment replies completely. 

Links in the comment reply

Facebook will see this as spam when repeated, so it should be avoided.

Bulk messaging 

You have the option to send a mass message to your customers based on filters in the order list. This is useful as you can send the people who placed reservations a reminder to complete their payment before the reservation deadline. In this message it is important to only refer to their comment or your live show in general. Avoid irrelevant information or questions. This will ensure your compliance with the EU privacy protection policies and electronic data processing. 

Competitions on social media 

Certain communication is not allowed on social media. Friend connections must not be used to administer promotions. The following communication is not permitted:

  • “Share on your Timeline to enter competition”
  • “Share on your friend's Timeline to enter competition”
  • "Tag your friends to enter the competition "