Set up WooCommerce integration

Please note the following important information:

  • Active WooCommerce discounts will be added on top of custom ELISA prices.
  • Custom pricing has errors on products with collection discounts.
  • If pricing on variants under same product varies, then ask ELISA support to activate this feature.

Step 1

Go to your WooCommerce backend and under 'WooCommerce' in the left-hand menu you go to Settings - Advanced - Rest API


Step 2

Add a new REST API key to your WooCommerce

Give it a description and give it "Read/Write" permissions


Step 3

You have now generated an API to use with Sprii


Now you need to copy the consumer key and consumer secret and paste it into the WooCommerce integration in Sprii. You can also copy the link of your webshop into the "Site URL" input field.

keys up-1

Step 4

You can now download the plugin by pressing on the button "Download plugin" in Sprii.


Step 5

Go back to WooCommerce and head to "Plugins" and "Add New"


Press "Upload Plugin" to upload the downloaded ZIP file from Spriiupload

Drag and drop the file into the field or choose the ZIP file from your computer. Finally press "Install Now"

After installing, activate the plugin


Step 6

The last thing now is to specify the cart path. This is done by adding a product to your cart in the webshop and copying the path name.
As seen in the URL the cart pathname is "cart". This should be specified in the input field "Cart Path" in the Sprii integration
keys up-1

The setup is now done and you can activate the integration and save.

After activating and saving the integration the button "RUN FULL PRODUCT SYNC" should appear. Press the button to synchronize your webshop inventory with Sprii.


You have now integrated your WooCommerce webshop with Sprii!