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How to fix "Error validating access token"

This error message might pop up if you have changed your password on Facebook or if we need to refresh the connection between our system and your Facebook page. Follow these steps to regain access:

  1. Refresh your Facebook page connection
    Start by going to your settings in Sprii to refresh the connection to your Facebook page 
    After this is done, please refresh your browser page - and if the message stays please go to step 2
  2. Log out of Sprii, and back in with Facebook
    Sometimes a simple log out and log back in is the solution to refresh the connection and confirm that it's you, especially after a password change. Here it is important that you log back in with Facebook. 

    If the error message persists after this, we will move on the reconnecting the the full integration to our system through Facebook.
  3. Renew integration through Facebook
    Please go to your business integration settings on Facebook for the account you signed up to Sprii. You can use this link HERE to get to the page. 

    Here you can remove the integration with Sprii
    Confirm the removal on the next screen that pops up, if you get a box stating it will delete posts, videos etc. associated with Sprii - please untick this before confirming the removal of the integration.

    After removal, go back to Sprii and if you're logged in, log out and back in with Facebook, again it's important that you log in with Facebook at this step. 
    You might have to repeat step 1 here and refresh your Facebook page to remove the error message once you've logged back in. 

Now your connection should be restored and the token error message should disappear - if not, please call us and we will have a look at it together.