Quickpay PSP integration

Integrate Quickpay as payment service provider (PSP) to Sprii hosted checkout.

Last updated: January 2024
Applies to: Quickpay users with Sprii Hosted Checkout
Category: Connect your tools

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Learn how to set up the integration to Quickpay PSP and boost the user experience of your Sprii checkout.


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How to set up Quickpay integration

Payment methods available with QuickPay PSP


How to set up Quickpay integration

In just 30 seconds, this video shows you how to complete steps 1-7 in the written step-by-step guide below.

Step 1

Log into your Quickpay account and access "Users" under the "Settings" tab.

Step 2

Create a new system user and name it Sprii.

Step 3

Press the user to access its permissions.

Step 4

Select the option "Use template."

Step 5

Under "Permission template," choose "Api User" and select "Add missing permission" as the update method.

Step 6

Reveal the API key by pressing the button "See API key."

Step 7

Copy the API key.

Step 8

In app.sprii.io, go to your page settings and then to Payment methods. Click on Quickpay, activate it and paste the API key. Edit the title if needed and save.

Step 9

Open the test link and ensure all is as expected and that intended payment methods are available. The test link is only available for a limited period after the last update to the settings.

Important to note

If you have other payment methods activated related to Sprii Checkout, you should deactivate the ones you don't need anymore.


Important to note

The Sprii hosted checkout falls under the same set of regulations as a webshop checkout. To comply with these regulations, you must always add your terms and conditions for consumers to read and acknowledge before payment is finalized.


Payment methods available with Quickpay PSP

Any payment method activated in your Quickpay manager can be offered to your customers as a payment method with Sprii Checkout.

Click here to find the full list of payment methods offered by QuickPay.

In the example below, we wish to read more about the Swish payment method.


Sprii is an authorized reseller of Quickpay services. Let us know if you would like to start using QuickPay.