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Live Selling - The Basics

It does not take anything else than a smartphone and an internet connection to go live and start selling through Sprii. But here are a few tips that can make your live perfect.

  • What you should film

    When setting up your camera, make sure that you film what is interesting to see.

    We often see that there is too much space above the host, so maybe angle the camera slightly down. Make sure your products are fully visible and that there's not too much stuff in the background that removes the focus from what you're currently showing.

  • Make sure that the sound is good

    Before you go live, try to test the sound by filming yourself and listen to the video.

    Is the sound clear?

    Is it to high?

    Is the sound in the room okay?

    If you would like the perfect sound, you can buy small microphones that you connect to your smartphone.

  • How is the lightning? 

    It's important that the light for your live event is good.

    The better the viewers can see the product and the host, the higher the chance there is for them to buy something.

    Make sure that you are in a room where it's not too dark and that you are not too close to a window that gives too much light.

  • Product signs

    If you are on a subscription plan where you use paper signs to communicate information about your products, make sure they are printed and paired with the right product beforehand to make sure your live is running smooth. Explain the signs well to make it easier for customers to know what they should comment to buy a product.

    Keep in mind: if you are using your front camera you need to mirror your signs when printing. If using the camera on the back, you can print normally.

  • Have a good connection
    A good internet connection is a crucial part for a live stream, so please make sure to test the location you are filming in before it's time to go live. Maybe this particular spot has worse connection than the rest of your space? You can test your internet speed in different locations to see what works best, and to ensure you will have the best experience while you're live! 

    Also, if you are in an office space and are going live later in the evening when no one is usually there - please ensure the wifi does not close down at a certain time so you won't be affected by it during your live shopping. 

  • Enjoy it and have fun!
    All of the previously mentioned pointers are important, but please do not forget to also enjoy yourself during this whole process, and make sure that you have some fun during your live - your viewers will surely appreciate it!