How to set up Shipmondo

Step 1:

Go to Page Settings in the left menu and click shipping methods. Click Shipmondo.

Step 2:

Give the shipping method a title, this is what the customer will see in the checkout.

Step 3:

Go to your Shipmondo backend.

Go to settings - API - Access

From here you can copy User and Key and paste it into Sprii.

When this is done, click Save in Sprii.

Step 4:

You now have some setting options:

Export order when paid:

- When an order has been paid, the order will be exported to Shipmondo

Create label on order creation

- When the order is paid, the label will be created automaticly.

Capture payment when label is created

- When the label is printed, the payment will be captured.

Print in label printer format (10x19)

- Printing in standard Label format.

Step 5:

Now we need to setup the shipping options. Refresh shipping products and choose the methods you like.

These shipping options can be created in Shipmondo under templates.

Step 6:

Give the shipping methods you picked a title, what the shipping cost will be and if you offer free shipping.

Step 7:

Click activate and Save