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How to refund payments

You can refund a captured payment through Sprii if you are using a payment integration.

Step 1

Navigate to the order list for the campaign where the order in question was made from


Step 2

Find the specific order in the list, and click that order row to be shown the order overview

order overview

Step 3

Register the return by changing simply pressing the pen icon next to the quantity for the product in question, and change it to 0 by pressing the bin icon

In this example the customer returned all items, so I went ahead and deleted both products in the same manner as shown above. 

Step 4

We now need to manually refund the shipping cost, if applicable. 

To do so we will create a manual product in this customer's order, with the pricing being minus the shipping cost. 


Step 5

You will now be able to process the refund from the order overview, by clicking the orange button saying 'refund (amount)'

send refund

You have now actioned the refund, and you don't need to do anything else! The refund will be processed and the customer will get their money back to the card they used to complete the order.