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Background music during live shopping

If you are considering playing music during your live event check out this guide for tips and tricks.

Adding music to your live shopping event can add that extra bit of fun or relaxed environment that your viewers are looking for.

But, you have to be aware that you can't play all kinds of music at your live shopping event.

Music can have copyright and if you are playing copyrighted music, Facebook might mute you.

How to play music without being blocked

It is possible to find music that you can play during your live. If you google copyrighted free music, there is a lot of sites that can help you find what you search for. 

Here are some we can recommend:

On these sites it is possible to filter for genre and mood. In that way you can find music that fits your company.

Make sure to test

You are going to play the royalty free music you just downloaded from an external speaker. So make sure that the quality is good and that the music is not to loud.

It's important to keep an eye on the comment section and see if the viewers likes the music, if it's to loud or if you should even turn it off.